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Join us for a fabulous trip to LA where you have an opportunity to meet with fashion and commercial agents, work on development and build your book.  This is a great experience to really see what the industry is all about and where you fit into the industry.  

2024 Event

In partnership with Industry Network


Travel days:  June 23 & 28 

Event days:  June 24-27, 2024

Sheraton Universal Studios Hollywood

333 Universal Hollywood Drive Universal City, CA 91608


This mission of the LA Tour is to introduce you to agents in the fashion and commercial industry, build your confidence and knowledge of the modeling industry in LA.


We believe in going places and introducing models to the industry hands on.  It's a better way to gain experience and exposure.

The 2024 LA Tour (in partnership with producers of the Industry Network)  is where today’s new talent can come face to face with the entertainment industry professionals needed to launch their careers. You can now become part of the IN crowd.


Top agents, casting directors and personal managers can meet performers interested in starting or even continuing their careers in acting, modeling, and singing in a professional and pre-screened event. Talent can show their skills and attributes, in person and have the most successful chance of receiving representation.


IN agents represent actors in today’s biggest feature films, like Thor: Love and Thunder, Top Gun- Maverick, The Eternals and Elvis. They have booked their talent on TV shows such as Stranger Things, Yellowstone, Euphoria, The Mandalorian Blackish, 9-1-1:Lone Star, High School Musical: The Series and many, many more.


IN has worked with many of world’s biggest modeling agents. These agents have models gracing the covers of every major fashion magazine and landing campaigns such as Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Chanel, YSL, Tommy Hilfiger, Aloo, and H &M…just to name a few.


Industry Network Talent Scouts scour the United States and beyond, searching for stand out talent ready for representation. At the biannual talent extravaganza hopeful stars of tomorrow audition for special performance shows and compete for coveted titles awarded in front of hundreds, at the amazing VIP Performance and Awards Night Gala. The organization, planning, information, experience, and good old-fashioned competition are unparalleled as a vehicle of opportunity. The transformation which often proceeds from its rigors is astonishing. Talent are put to the test at The Industry Network Event and as a result become even better. Confidence is the key to success in life and is gained through experience. The Industry Network puts your experience and development on hyper drive and is designed to be a safe, constructive, incredibly fun, first step into the highly competitive worlds of Acting, Modeling, Dancing and Singing. Not to be missed for those who dream BIG!


The Industry Network is the leading venue for Actors, Singers, and Models who are ready to audition, perform and compete in front of top Agents, Managers, and Casting Directors.

Industry leaders in the music, acting and fashion world are brought together for three amazing days of competitions, all of them ready to see new faces, who have been trained and prepared by our Industry Network Members. From the moment you arrive in Los Angeles, you will be greeted with opportunities you could only get at the IN event.

ACTOR: There are three parts to the ACTOR category: TV Commercial, Monologue and Scene. Actors must come prepared with one, 30-second TV Commercial, One 1-minute monologue and one, 90- second scene. A scene partner will be provided at the event by your Director. All material selected should be age appropriate. Scripts will be sent to members who have registered. However we highly encourage you to find your own original scripts. Actors (In-person only) are required to bring 25 headshots with resumes attached or printed on the back for agents to view and take with them. Independent auditions will determine which actors perform in the awards night VIP Performance and Dinner.


MODEL: Models are evaluated in Runway, Resort/Sport and Test Shoot. Runway wardrobe should be current and pulled from today’s fashion trends. Resort/Sport selection can be swimwear, resort wear, sportswear (yoga and athletics). There are height restrictions on females 16 years and older, as well as males 16 years and older. Please see your contract for height restrictions. During the Test Shoot competition, all female models 5’6” and above are required to wear black leggings or black skinny jeans with a black tank top and black high heeled shoes. All male models 5’9” and above are required to wear black or very dark navy denim skinny well fitted jeans (no regular or light blue denim) and a fitted black t-shirt. All younger models are required to wear white or blue jeans with a solid-colored shirt. No designs or prints. Each model should have 25 zed/comp cards with their name, ID Number and stats.

SINGER: Singers must have three songs 1 minute in length prepared for auditions. Songs must be saved as a MP3 file and sent to your Director upon request. One song must be A Capella. Songs selected must be AGE appropriate for all audience members. Although we don’t anticipate any AV problems its best to bring copies of the two, 1-min songs on a CD or  flash drive with you as well.  Performance skills, audition techniques, vocal abilities, stage presence and commercial appeal are evaluated. Independent auditions will determine which vocalists will perform in the Awards Night VIP Performance.


DANCE: Dancers must prepare two original dance pieces, one minute in length each. Dancers should be professionally trained in Tap, Jazz, ballet, lyrical or Hip Hop. Dancers should be prepared to perform the one-minute cut of the song. The song MUST be provided to the team director as an MP3 file. Dancers will be taught and judged on a third dance piece at the event by the IN choreographers.

The Industry Network costs and fees are based on the following:




  • The Industry Network Registration Fees

  • Administrative Costs and Special Boot Camp Event Preparation and guidance from your Director before and after the event.

  • Guidance with callbacks from agents and managers

  • who are interested in you, by your Director after the event.

  • Miscellaneous Expenses (see below)


Remaining funds are spent on miscellaneous expenses such as staffing, staff travel and Event hotel and AV expenses, merchant fees, taxes, and search costs.


This Deposits and payments are non-refundable and will be deducted from the total price of your registration package. Payment must be made as follows to ensure your registration spot is kept available and current. We do not accept personal checks.


Performer Package $1800                             Parent/Guest Package $600

All payment plans arranged for the event will include a 10% service charge on balance carried. Minimum deposit of $600 required at time of registration.



Please Note: The Following Items and/or Services are NOT included in the Package Pricing:


  • Airfare and/or ground transportation, Hotel and parking

  • Meals

  • Photography - All performers are required to provide JPEG images for competitions. (We can refer you to an approved photographer if you need assistance. Photography fees are additional)

  • Any duplications and/or prints of photos

  • Any additional items you may choose to purchase at the event or while in Los Angeles

  • Any items not specifically stated in writing with your outlined package

  • Any transportation upon arrival, or leaving

  • Any agreement verbal or otherwise not specified in writing by a Representative



Fee includes Registration; Three Auditions and Evaluations with Industry Professionals for (TV Commercial, Monologue and Scene); Introductions to

Agents and Managers; Audition to Perform in Professionally Directed VIP Performance


Fee includes Registration; Evaluations with Industry Professionals. Auditions include Runway, Swimwear and Test Shoot; Introduction to Model Agents and Managers; Audition to Perform in Professionally Directed

VIP Performance;


Fee includes Registration; Auditions and Evaluations with Industry Professionals; Audition with 2- 1 minute songs of your choice. Introduction

to Agents and Managers; Audition to Perform in Professionally Directed VIP Performance


ADDITIONAL CATEGORY  PRO ACTOR, PRO MODEL…............................................. $300.00 each



*PRO - MODEL - Runway, Sport/Resort Runway, Test Shoot, Beauty Commercial (1 commercial regarding a beauty product, fashion, clothing etc), Commercial Print (This Competition is judged on 3 Commercial Print Photos) or Fashion Print (This competition is judged on 3 High Fashion photos) All Ages. Photos are provided by you.


*PRO -ACTOR - Headshot (This Competition is judged on your Headshot picture only), Cold Read (In this competition, you will be given a script with little to no time to rehearse and judged accordingly), Improvisation (In this competition the Talent will be given a brief description on a topic of what they are to act out, and will be given 1 minute to complete an improved monologue on that topic), Voiceover (In this competition the Talent will submit a 1 minute video taped monologue selected by the Industry Network approved Voiceover Scripts prior to the event and judged based on the video), Self Tape (In this competition the Talent will submit a 1 minute video taped scene selected by the Industry Network approved Self Tape Scripts prior to the event and judged based on the video)





SINGERS OR DANCER CATAGORY............................................. $300.00 each


ACTING (3 EVENTS INCLUDED) – Commercials, Scenes, Monologue
MODELING (3 EVENTS INCLUDED) – Test Shoot, Runway, Sport/Resort

  • Models have option of adding on PRO-ACTOR Category +$300

  • Actors have option of adding on PRO-MODEL Category +$300

  • Singers/Dancers have option of adding on PRO-MODEL OR PRO-ACTOR CATEOGRY +$300

  • Actors/Models have option of adding on SINGER OR DANCER +$300

ADDITIONAL CUSTOMIZABLE COMPETITIONS (+$200 per competition listed below):
Cold Reading
Fashion Print
Commercial Print
Beauty Commercial
Self Tape


The Industry Network Summer 2024 - Attendee's Room Block

ris here, please click on the link to book your hotel room - HOTEL ROOM RESERVATIONS


All Models/Talent participants must register for the 2023 LA TOUR MODEL/TALENT ticket 1st.  Additional tickets are add ons.


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