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Join us for a fabulous trip to a major modeling market, including NYC/LA/CHICAGO/MIAMI, where you have an opportunity to meet with fashion and commercial agents, work on development and build your book.  This is a great experience to really see what the industry is all about and where you fit into the industry.


All particants will be guaranteed to meet with agents AND/OR casting directors in person, receive comp cards/headshots for marketing at event, portfolio review and coordination, complimentary coaching and preparation.


Tour cost does NOT include travel, lodging, personal expenses while in city of tour, or photo shoots to build book. 


This mission of the Model Tour is to introduce you to agents in the fashion and commercial industry, build your confidence and knowledge of the modeling industry in a major market.

Meet with agents and the goal is to get SIGNED IN THE MARKET OF YOUR CHOICE.  Start planning NOW for making your move to the CITY LIFE, anything is possible!


We believe in going places and introducing models to the industry hands on.  It's a better way to gain experience and exposure.

Pick your tour
  • New York Tour (Commercial & Fashion) - July 14-17, 2024

DISCLOSURE:  Absolutely no refunds for any payments for Model/Talent Tour.  Transfer to next available tour only.

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