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Membership options are currently only available for agency talent/models at this time

Ultimate Studios FM

Tv/Film & Improv Actor Training Center

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We are a training center for aspiring & professional actors, specializing in Television (shows and commercials), Film (movies), & Improvisation.

Acting classes, seminars, workshops & intensives for talent ages 4 and older.

We are updating the calendar frequently, please check back often.  Thank you for your patience as we try to encourage talent to get back into in-person classes. 

Film Clapboard
Film Set
Feeling lost in your career?  Would you like some direction in how to get started in Influencing, Modeling or Acting?   

Book a one-on-one consultation with international Mother Agent, Natalie Sparrow, and receive guidance, education and information on how you can enhance your career.  Click REGISTER NOW to reserve your spot.  Once your registration is received, Natalie Sparrow will reach out to you to schedule your Virtual, One-on-one consultation.
Influencer, Model,  and/or Acting Career Consultation (Coaching Session)
Influencer, Model,  and/or Acting Career Consultation (Coaching Session)
Time is scheduled after registration
Virtual Coaching Sessions
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